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Ceramic Door Knobs

Ceramic Door Knobs

The wonderful thing about ceramic door knobs is they offer a customized look and certainly will help to enhance the appearance of any room.

They are easy to install and you will find that they are readily available to buy at a number of hardware, arts and crafts, and antique retailers. Plus there are some companies that now can create custom made ceramic door knobs that will help to complement the rest of the room’s decor. For example, for a children’s room today you can purchase ones that have been shaped and decorated to look like their favorite character from the movies, TV or cartoons. But don’t limit buying just ones for the doors but also for other pieces of furniture in the room such as the chest drawers and bedside tables.

Of course you don’t need to limit yourself to using these kinds of door knobs inside your home, there are plenty of them that can be used for the exterior. These types will come with also locks and latches attached to them providing your home with the security that it needs. Furthermore you can now purchase passage and privacy sets for installation on the doors of bathrooms and bedrooms if you wish. Again these come with a locking mechanism to prevent people from entering a room but if an emergency arises others from outside can get in as well.

In selecting the right ceramic door knobs for your home there are certain things that you need to take into consideration. Below we take a look at what some of these considerations are.

Consideration 1 – Your Tastes

When it comes to these types of door knobs as they come in a variety of different styles it is important that you choose ones that will complement the rest of the rooms decor. For example, if you have chosen to decorate the room in very simple basic colors and with heavy dark furniture then opt for knobs that are light in color.

Consideration 2 – The Knobs Finish

What you want is the kind of finish to the door knobs that won’t only wear well but will also be easy to keep clean. So again keep to more simple designs to ensure that this is the case.

Consideration 3 – Who Is Going To Be Handling Them?

For homes where you have children then instead of going for ceramic door knobs that need to be turned to help open the door you are better of choosing the lever kind. These are not only much easier for children to handle but anyone with any kind of illness or infirmity.

Consideration 4 – Do They Need To Lock

Most styles of door knobs today come with the ability to be able to lock but these you won’t need to use on every door in your home. Instead the door knobs that come with a locking mechanism are the ones that should only be used on say bathroom doors where privacy may be required.

Consideration 5 – Take Into Consideration The Kinds Of Handles On The Doors At Present

Certainly when it comes to remodeling and you would prefer to keep the same look then it may be worthwhile replacing the old door knobs with ones that are newer. However if you would prefer to make things look a little different then why not consider not only replacing the door knobs in the room being redecorated but the rest of the house.

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